Cloud Servers vs Physical Servers


These days most businesses will utilize at least one service in the cloud, however the cloud can be used for so much more for you and your company. From storing files and hosting applications, all the way to AI and machine learning, Azure has you covered.

One advantage of Azure cloud hosted servers compared to traditional physical servers is that there are no upfront costs. Instead of spending thousands of dollars buying physical hardware, everything starts on a pay-as-you go subscription where you only pay for exactly what you use, as you use it.

Another advantage of cloud hosted servers is the flexibility. Physical hardware can be expensive, slow, and cumbersome to upgrade once purchased, often resulting in poor performance or excessive cost over time.


“With Azure cloud servers you can quickly scale up or down to suit your needs at the time, bringing down your costs and guaranteeing reliable performance when you need it most.”


Azure manages all the underlying hardware for you and provides several layers of redundancy that help guarantee 99.9% or more uptime all year round. As for security, Azure offers a level of security built into the system that is near impossible to match on premise with extensive options to customize and configure anything you need.

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