How can we
help you?

How can we
help you?

IT Support

Both Brains can help manage everything IT in your business, allowing you to focus on the more important things. With tailor-made services we can offer a level of IT Support that suits the needs of your business.

Cloud Hosted Servers

Cloud Computing gives you the flexibility to quickly scale your IT up or down depending on your needs. Whether you’re after a fully outsourced and managed solution, or a blended cloud approach, Both Brains can help.

Office 365

Both Brains are experts in Office 365 and can help guide you through an Office 365 Migration. We can also answer any questions you have around Office 365 Management and help implement a solution that works for you.

IT Security

IT is a vital component for any business and Both Brains can ensure that your systems and data are secure from both internal and external threats.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Both Brains can help protect your data at all times, as well as implementing systems to keep your business running if disaster does strike.

Website Hosting

Whether large or small, Both Brains have hosting plans to suit every business.

VoIP Phone Systems

Utilise your existing Internet connection and enjoy the flexibility of VoIP phone system.

UFB & Internet

Ranging from ADSL to UFB, Both Brains can recommend a number of ISP’s to provide the Internet connection you need.

Building Automation

We offer building automation services for both businesses and high-end properties. Our expertise in technology integration allows us to create customised solutions that enhance productivity, security, and comfort. From automated lighting and climate control to advanced security systems and audiovisual integration, we streamline operations and create a seamless experience. We work alongside certified electricians to develop a software first approach to building automation using Loxone technology.


Boost productivity, collaboration, and user confidence with our tailored IT training. Hands-on guidance ensures seamless tool adoption, leading to business success and optimised use of your business systems.