Basics of Azure


You may have heard of Microsoft Azure, but what is it and why should you care?
Let’s cover the basics first!

What is Microsoft Azure?


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, providing an extensive range of online services that replace and dramatically improves upon the services traditionally provided by on-site servers.

How does Azure work?


Instead of having servers that and hardware physically on site at your offices to store your files, host your websites or run your apps, all of Azure’s services are hosted in the cloud.

Why use Azure?


Azure gives you better performance, increased flexibility and improved security at a scale that is not possible to achieve with traditional on-site servers.

Who could use Azure?


Any small business looking to improve their current workflows and capabilities will likely benefit from at least one of Azures many services.

Anyone with aging on-site hardware looking to move to the cloud.

How to utilize Azure?


At Both Brains, we have extensive experience with of Azure and are Microsoft Gold Partners. This means the team is highly trained in supporting Azure and can help you take the next step to start utilizing Azure.

If you or your company is looking would like to know more about Azure, reach out to and let’s have a chat 😊