Introducing Samuel Terry


Samuel is our newest team member to join our team and is based in our Auckland branch. Recognising the pivotal role of clear communication as the first point of contact, coupled with a genuine passion for delivering exceptional IT service, Samuel takes pride in efficiently resolvinghardware, networking, and software issues, both in-person and remotely.


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 Q. What did I do before working at Both Brains?

Before Both Brains I worked as an IT Technician for another managed services provider based in Christchurch. It was my first job closely related to my field of study, Computer Science. Being part of a small team I learned so much and really got a feel for the industry and was eager for more.


Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


I'm originally from the USA, so I'm a big fan of American sports, namely NBA. Enjoy watching/playing basketball when I can fit it in! I'm also into programming and like tinkering with things AI related, currently working on AI that plays games for me (yes I know, what's the point in that?). If you get something to play for you, then you have more time to use elsewhere! Automation is very important in IT.


Q. What made you want to join the Both Brains?


I believe in the power of teamwork and close collaboration and that's something I knew Both Brains embodied. Offering great opportunities for personal and professional growth through the wide range of services offered, really caught my attention.